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Shepparton Golf Club proudly supports Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 to make golf a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, feel welcomed and nurtured throughout and empowered to achieve their goals.
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Early golf in Shepparton was played on Catholic grounds and farms around Knight Street, Barker Avenue, and Clive Street.


The current site was established in 1922 with an established Committee of 10 members including T.N. Muntz, T McIvor, D.C. Morrison, A. Goyen, W.L. Armstrong, J. Stubbs, Harvey, and Fairley. Fees for men were 10/6 and ladies 7/6.

The course consisted of 9 sandscrape holes and on opening day T.N. Muntz stated, “The course occupies one picturesque position on the right-hand sandbank of the river about two and a half miles from town”

The opening day before the Clubhouse was built in 1922.


The course was extended to 14 holes – Fees for men were 1 pound 1 shilling and 10/6 for ladies.


The committee of the day had the foresight to extend the course to 18 holes, however, there was not enough land to facilitate this development.

20 acres adjoining the course owned by Mr. Rudd was purchased for £700 and now provides the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th fairways of the current course today.

President F.O. Cameron commenced a tree planting and course beautification program.


A water scheme was proposed and a 3″ main pipe from the Goulburn river to the course was completed.


Electricity became available and was connected to the Club. A new water pump was installed which increased the volume of water to the course. Grass greens were proposed, however, in order for them to be developed, more land was required.

28 acres owned by Nicker, adjoining the Club on two boundaries was purchased for £4,500. This property had been a pig farm and orchard with a large sandhill being a feature. Late in 1954 an experimental grass green was sewn where today’s 15th green is, it was used in September 1955.


Mr. Sam Berriman, a golf course architect was engaged to develop and design an 18 hole grass green Championship course. He had to survey the contours of 88 acres of Crown land, 20 acres (lease held) from Rudd in 1931 and 28 acres from Nicker and then prepare his plan.

Work progressed during 1957 and the Committee borrowed £2,000 for the course construction.

Late in 1956 a motion to build a clubhouse was passed.

The Shepparton Golf Club Clubhouse Circa 1955.


The Shepparton Golf Club clubhouse and new course was opened in 1959.

The Shepparton Golf Course from the air Circa 1959.


Shepparton Golf bowling green developed.


Lights installed over the bowling green and the caretakers residence was established.


Balance of Nickers land and current curators house purchased for $45,000.

A 12 unit motel complex built on course requiring a loan of $140,000 for its construction.

The Shepparton Golf Club Clubhouse Circa 1972.


Original practice fairway of 12.5 acres fronting Golf Drive sold to various members to help club financials at the time.


60 acres of Young’s land purchased for $150,000


Crown land purchased at a cost of $125,000 and a swap of the Youngs land. The clubhouse entrance and bar were refurbished and new sewerage installation was completed.


Completion of grass green replacement program of 19 greens over 10 years.


In September the club opened its new extensions comprising of the entrance, office, kitchen and balcony areas.


A decision was made by various committees to put down a bore between the 10th and 16th holes.


Former junior and then current member Jarrod Lyle turned professional.


The embarkment on building a dam on the side of the 16th fairway to pump from the bore and river. A new pumping system was installed and a complete upgrade of the watering system.


Sale of five blocks of land on golf drive and Rudd Road for $725,000 to fund the ongoing upgrades of the clubhouse, pro shop, and course improvements.


Leighton Lyle ( younger brother of Jarrod ) wins Victorian Amateur Championships.

Renovations and extensive expansion of Pro Shop and Clubhouse begin.

New Pro Shop Opens.


Clubhouse Damaged in a fire on Saturday 19th January 2014.
Reopens in October 2014 after being fully renovated and modernized.